A/M Hot Shot Express L.L.C.

About Us

A/M Hot Shot Express, LLC was established in October 2001 by two brothers, Vernon Arthur (Art) and Ashley J. McCarthy, Jr.  The company name was formed from their two initials A. and M.  For several months, just the two were owner operators and performed delivery service.   Art McCarthy served as President and Ashley McCarthy the Vice-president.


Freight was mostly dry commodities with a delivery area in the Southeastern States.  Occasionally, deliveries were made to the northeast area up the eastern seaboard and to several western states extending to California.


An increase in business, after several months, resulted in the company hiring subcontract drivers to accommodate the demand.  For several years demand was satisfied and business continued to grow.  This growth caused the hiring of one full time employee to drive company owned trucks and a full time employee to run day to day operations and dispatching.  Eventually, another full time employee/driver was hired and an additional full time employee to staff the office in accounts payable/receivable operations.


In late 2004, Art contracted health problems which sadly led to his death in 2006.  At this point, Ashley McCarthy assumed the Presidency and inherited all company properties and contracts.  Ashley served as President and owner for about a year until his own health required more attention and less activity in company operations.  He decided to retire and sell the company to his younger sister, Diane K. Houston and her son, Samuel W. Houston.


Diane K. Houston became the company President, effective February 1, 2008, with majority ownership and Samuel W. Houston, with minority ownership as the Vice-president.  The Company now operates as a Small Woman Owned business.

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